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Why I chose epicboy2003

You all might be wondering why I chose epicboy2003 it is because last year I was called epicboy and my gamecenter account is epicboy2003 is it so I thought it will be a perfect fit. I was also born in 2003. You guys can request me on Game Center I don’t care I will accept. I also chose epicboy2003 because I thought it is long and not many people will know my first name. Sometimes I actually liked getting called epic because they didn’t feel like writing my whole name.

Math phone numbers

Hey guys and girls I was looking at some math and I thought I should show you it and help you solve one and then try to make you guys and girls figure out the rest. Here is problem number one and the digitals

first of all grab a piece of paper and right down all the possible numbers. Then make some weird letters until it make sense then write the answer down.






Super hard one let me know if you can figure it out.

The author or creator of this is Jack Silbert the publishing company was Scholastic

The Epic Adventure begins

Hey guys and girls this is me epicboy2003 here and I think this is awesome for the first post. I can’t wait to right exciting things to you.

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