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Hey guys this is my Citizenship pics. Hope you like them.





Balloon Chasing

I made this new game called balloon chasing. I think it is very fun and hard. I have also made some videos. Here are all of them I made so far.

Math apps

If you want to learn algebra, you better get these apps. They’re paid, but worth it. I’m going to show you level one and two for it. I don’t have level three yet, but I’m planning to get it. Here what they look like



It also has lessons for when you’re getting started. There will be more harder levels on the way, so don’t think it will be a piece of cake.


I will help you figure out the first problem. Here it is.


What you have to do first is add 8 and 5 together to get the answer 8+5=13. Then you try to figure what the other side is. The other side has a 3 on it, so it has to be x=5. Put that in.


Now, you have to check it. Check it by putting 13=13. If you got it right it will say great, if you got something wrong, It will say x doesn’t equal 5 or you got the check wrong



I’m am going to talk about how to play Blockheads. In Blockheads, you can make tools, food, clothing, etc. here is a pic of my best world.


When you begin Blockheads, you have starting tools here is a new world


To move around, you tap where you want to go. You can’t go higher than your guys head unless you build up. You get 40 time crystals when you download Blockheads and play it. You can use time crystals to speed up things or get things from the portal. When you start mining, you need a pick. You can craft one in a tools bench. Soon you will get a lot of resources and start traveling around the world. You will find clothes when you see them. I think it’s really fun. Try it sometime. Blockheads is created by Vungle.

Some of my classmates

I go to a school called SIS today I’m going to show you some of my classmates.


This is Leo


This is Felix


This is Matteo


This is Alex

And the most important person of them all, me


4 awesome apps

Hey it’s me again and this time I’m going to show you four awesome games/apps for you. The first one and my favorite is Heroes and castles. The second one is Minecraft PE. The third one is Dragon City. The last but not least is Blockheads. All of these are free expect for Minecraft PE. And here they are.






Hey guys me again and this time I will show you my draft for writing. Be ready because this is going to be long

“Huf huf huf,” I said walking up the stairs. I had Romain and Ben walking with me. “I’m so tired,” I barely said. We passed some teenagers and Romain said hi to them. I didn’t fell like saying hi to them because I was tired. “Hi,” they said strangely. We were about to leave when Romain turned around and called them idiots. At that very moment I felt scared because picking a fight with a teenager is probably a bad idea. They started to get up. I don’t know how but I ran even though I was tired. We were going down the stairs when Romain tripped and fell on the hard stone. He was laying there crying. Ben was helping up I wasn’t because I said he was fake crying. Ben said to help him so I did. He walked until we were at our apartments then we said goodbye and left.

The next day, I was excited to see Romain and ask him how his leg felt. Ben only came out. “Where’s Romain?” I asked worried. “You know how he hurt his leg last night,” Ben said. I felt a little better cause I didn’t want Romain to catch a cold. Ben and I got on the bus and went to school.

We were about to go to lunch and I was thinking “Ben, Romain, and I were only ones who what had happen to Romain in the whole school.” Romain and his dad came in the class. “Romain!” Everyone yelled. Romain had a cast on his leg so I guessed he either broke it or sprained it. I was glad to see that Romain was ok. Ms. Lim asked Romain if he could tell how he sprained his ankle. Romain started telling the story. While he was telling it I thought it was the same one I saw and heard when it happened. When he was done my class got to ask questions. “Why did you call the teenagers idiots?” Someone asked. “They were making fun of my name,” Romain said. “Were you crying?” Someone else asked. “I was trying to,” Romain said. Right at that moment I jumped up and yelled “I KNEW IT!” Everyone looked at me weird. “Than was there when I sprained my ankle,” he said. “So sprained his ankle,” I thought.

On the bus, Romain and I got to sit at the first row because Romain sprained his ankle. We never got to sit at the front because we were older. I grabbed one of his crutches and pretended it was a gun. When people were walking on I was shooting them. When everyone was on and we were leaving we started shooting people again.

For the next couple of days Romain and I were doing things with his crutches. One day he only had his cast on. I felt kinda sad because I thought it was fun having little battles with people. I wanted for him to run again so we could play our game again. Our moms thought it was dangerous because they think we could fall and hurt ourselves.

At school I usually got to help Romain. Plus I got to ride the elevator. I thought it was cool because I never got to ride it. Sometimes I didn’t want his cast to come off. Sometimes I did.

Finally his cast came off before the end of school so we jumped in the pool the last day and had a great time together.

The End

Junk Boat trip

Hey guys i am here again to say that this weekend I had an awesome junk boat trip with some of my friends living in Hong Kong. It took the banana boat forever to come to the boat. When it was my turn to go on the banana boat I had people with me. We were riding the banana boat when the captain put the banana boat on full speed and one of my friends fell off. The other one and me were barely hanging on. We somehow didn’t fall in the water. I don’t know why but i thought it was fun.

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