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Archive for October 23, 2013


I’m am going to talk about how to play Blockheads. In Blockheads, you can make tools, food, clothing, etc. here is a pic of my best world.


When you begin Blockheads, you have starting tools here is a new world


To move around, you tap where you want to go. You can’t go higher than your guys head unless you build up. You get 40 time crystals when you download Blockheads and play it. You can use time crystals to speed up things or get things from the portal. When you start mining, you need a pick. You can craft one in a tools bench. Soon you will get a lot of resources and start traveling around the world. You will find clothes when you see them. I think it’s really fun. Try it sometime. Blockheads is created by Vungle.

Some of my classmates

I go to a school called SIS today I’m going to show you some of my classmates.


This is Leo


This is Felix


This is Matteo


This is Alex

And the most important person of them all, me


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