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What I am thankful for

I am thankful for my family because they are nice, and I wouldn’t exist without them. I am thankful for my friends becuase they cheer me up when I feel sad. I am thankful for the delicious food we have like McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken. I am thankful for Techology because it makes our lives much easier. I am most thankful for my health because I rarely get sick. My friend, Landon, has to stay in many hospitals.

Math Reflection

Hey guys this is my math reflection. Get some juice, but don’t forget the snack.

For this unit, I was was good at recognizing maximum, minimum, mode, mean, and range. Maximum means max. Minimum means lowest. Mode means most often. Mean means the average. Range is the maximum minus the minimum. I was also good at the traditional multiplication method. I loved multiplying 2 digits by 2 other digits. I could multiply decimals. I was awesome at identifying numbers. I was good at addition and subtraction with whole numbers and decimals. I can also write numbers in expanded notations. The last thing I was good at is writing and solving number sentences.

The one thing I really have to improve in math is double checking. My plan is to check my homework twice to get in the habit of doing it. What I was bad in this unit was making magnitude estimates. It was usally because I got t (more…)


We are learning about tessellations and I am going to show you 2 of them and tell you want it is. A tessellation is a repeated pattern. Now, here are some pics of tessellation.



Civilization reflection

Hey guys this is my reflection about my social studies. Get a snack and juice and sit down to read this.

For my social studies project, I researched and told my classmates how to start a civilization. First, they needed to know where to live and what to do in order to survive.

First, I researched how old civilizations survived. My strength was that I had some good resources. I had Britanica encyclopedia and Brain POP. I learned a lot about the Aztecs, the Egyptians, the Sumerians, Japanese, and the Chinese. I think I researched well because it was easy to give examples from history. I need to work on having one or two examples from two or more civilizations. On this project, when I did economy, I only had two examples from one civilization.

Second, I sketched what I wanted my presentation to look like. When I wrote my script, I felt I had a lot of information. When I was done one cultural universe, I imagined what the slide would look like. However, I didn’t make the slides until after I finished the script. Next time I think it would be better if I made the slide when I am working on the script because I had some pictures that had nothing to do with some slides.

Then I had to create my keynote. It was hard for me to find pictures on the Internet. I found a lot of pictures, but not all the pictures worked. I had to also remember that nomads idea of Techology is the wheel when my idea for Techology is an iPad. It was really hard memorizing all the words I wanted to say, but I learned a trick that you can take notes and see it when the audience only sees the slide. Next time I need to practice my presentation more so that I am fully prepared.

My classmates gave feedback. The four things they scored were: loud and clear, speed of presentation, design, and did it make sense. A 4 is exemplary, 3 is proficient, 2 is for approaching or ok, 1 is Concern or bad. I know I was loud and clear, but at the beginning I was a little quiet. I had a good pace, not too fast but a little slow. I thought I made a lot of sense throughout my presentation.

Design was my biggest problem in the feedback. My Techology and leisure didn’t transition very well into economy. I also had a picture with an iPad which had nothing to do with my presentation. Also, I had many 2s for my feedback. Next time I present, I will make sure I have good design. Maybe I should practice my presentation more so I won’t be nervous. I also should ask people to help me in design so I could get better grades. I could also ask the some of my friends if it makes sense.

Ruby Holler

    Ruby Holler

was a book by Sharon Creek. The book is about two orphaned twins that want to escape to a train. Two parents take them one day and they get ready for vacation. The man who was taking care of them wanted to find the parents money, so he hires the two orphans father! The parent’s plan didn’t work out and he had to stay raising kids. I wrote my character traits. Here they are.




Hey guys this is me again and I am going to show you the trailer my group worked on.

Wacky Wesnesday

On Wednesday we had Wacky Wednesday. The teacher said she was from Pluto. I thought the day would be exciting. We got to make up our names. My name was Fu. We got to call each other that for the rest of the day.We read a book after we made up our names. After that, we found something wacky in our school. The school sign was upside down! My teacher was wacky by not knowing some of the answers. I loved Wacky Wednesday like it was a the end of school.


Hey guys me again and this page is about commenting. For commenting you can’t really say that’s good or I like it. You have to say a lot of words like I like your blog post, I think you should revise it a little bit more.

The second thing I want you to do is never to give too much personal information. Example, my name is Bob Smith and I live in Costal Rose Garden 3 apartment 19 4th floor to the left.

Third thing is I want you to add a question about my post. I like replying, plus you can learn more information about my post.

I think that is all I want you to do, so have a great time and be cool.

New Games and servers

Hey guys I got some new games for you and 2 servers for Minecraft PE. Hope you like them.






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