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Math reflection

Hi guys it’s me again and today I have another math reflection.

 I like doing division when I can use the traditional method. I didn’t like the new method because we were supposed to think in our heads how many 9s could fit in 123? I  thought this was hard. It is much easier to say how many 9s can fit in 12? 

The test asked to estimate how many inches it would be from Mumbai to Mt. Everest. I did what it said and estimated it. Then, it asked how many miles would it be in real life. The problem was that you had to measure it, and I didn’t. I didn’t read the directions carefully. My teacher said in the pretest to only do the odd numbers. I accidentally did the odd ones in the real test too. 

I was good at doing division problems with decimals. I didn’t really understand why people thought it was difficult.  I was also good at finding factors for numbers. I knew the rainbow way, and I thought it was the easiest. 


Hi guys me again and on Friday we had a hour of coding. I did LifeBot because I wanted it’s badge. Here are things we reflected on.

We worked on LifeBot for hour of coding. One thing I liked about it is that there were controls and they taught us tricks. What I thought was difficult was this one level where I couldn’t get through. It was hard. I completed all the levels and for that I should get a badge. I requested one, but never got it. What I want to do next time is hopscotch. I love the app.

Science Reflection

Hi guys it’s me again and today I will show you my science reflection. Here it is.

 I did an iMovie about the digestive and excretory systems.  I liked how when I finished a scene, I would show examples or pictures of the organs.  I also liked my ending when I pretended to go to the bathroom, and I ran off. I also liked that I gave great information about the digestive and excretory system. I had a nice big bold voice, so everyone could hear what I was saying. 

My weakness was that I hesitated in some parts, and I didn’t look at the camera. My mom didn’t like that but I was nervous.   This is because I thought I would mess up and have to do it again. Next time I will try to look at the camera. I also want to stand still while I am recording. 

Science video

Hi guys it’s me again and today i have a science video



Hi guys me again, and today you will get to see my poem. here it is.


I am from my classmates in Hong Kong that are as silly and friendly as clowns and hyenas.

I am from the sweet, juicy 9 lives that I always need.

I am from my browned haired best friend
who picks me up when I am feeling down
he is as funny as a hyaena.
Calling for him to help me
Laughing when he tells me a joke

I am from the swimming pool in Parkview
where I had enough courage to do a flip for the first time.
Flying across the sky
Landing on the nice cool water
Saying “I’m doing it again”

I am from a golf ball that is Epcot center
telling history that makes me feel like I was younger.
Learning about the past
Wanting to live in a previous hard life

I am from the dangerous slippery
Flowing water slide that I loved riding.
Laughing when I get down.
Wanting to do hard tricks

I am from my mom who always tries to make me happy
Waking me up in the morning
Baking treats like cookies or brownies

I am from my mom who is kind
the dangerous slide I love,
the golf ball of time,
the flipping swimming pool,
my friend who is as funny as a hyaena
nine lives
and my classmates
That makes me who I am.

Black and Whites in the past

Today, my class discussed about how black people were treated horribly half of the 20th century. We read a book called I have a dream where Martin Luther King jr gave a speech about how horrible the white governments were and how he wanted the white and black people just to be friends. We discussed about this because Nelson Mandela passed away Thursday night. At first, I didn’t even know he passed away or who he was. Then, I learned he was a freedom fighter and got arrested for 27 years! He didn’t even do anything wrong. There was also Rosa Parks, but the toe people we focused on was Martin Luther King jr and Nelson Mandela.

Goal reflection

I think I achieved my long term goal because I broke my bad habit of blurting. I focused on my goal a lot, but then Mrs. Huiet told me I achieved it. I focused on it in September by concentrating on raising my hand. At the end of the day, the class would reflect on our goals. At first, I achieved my goal one day and failed the next. I had the same goal in fourth grade, but I never achieved it. 

I am really glad I stopped blurting because it’s rude to interrupt. Also, I don’t listen to instructions. My next long term goal is to always give 110% on learning. This also means I will do more than the minimum learning. I chose this goal so I can learn more. For example, when I am done my work, I read instead of sitting around for 5 minutes.

Math reflection #2

Hi guys this is my next math reflection. It is long, so you might need some time to read it

I used protractors and geometry templates well, so it was easy to answer questions quickly. I was also good at rounding numbers to the nearest place value like 88->90. I also knew the difference between scalene, isoseleses, right and equilateral triangles. I will always remember that a triangle’s angles  add up to 180 degrees. I can identify place value easily.  Some can be very long. I can identify angles like acute angles or reflex angles. I was good at drawing tessellations,  and I know that a tesselation is a pattern repeated in every direction.

I struggled at making congruent shapes. I would mix up the steps, so I would have to start over. I was also not good at identifying shapes with parellel sides. I noticed that on my pre test and my assessment. Maybe I need to ask the definition of parellel sides.

Science Assessment

Our teacher gave us a science assessment to see if we know about the circulatory system and the respiratory system. I worked together with Matteo. We did a iMovie together and we finished it early because we met on Saturday and did everything we needed. It was easy because we kept track of what words we did and we knew most of the words. We looked up some words. We got it on Youtube and I’m going to show you it. Here it is.

What I should do better is there was one part I mumbled a little bit. I would go back and make my voice loud and clear so everyone can hear.


Here is the video for my science



Haiyan Walk-a-Thon

The Philippines had the largest typhoon ever, so our school had a Walk-a-Thon to raise enough money for them. We are also having a lot of fund raisers that are going to be donated to the Philippines. Our school is SIS and we made boards that said SIS cares. I hope we can raise enough money for the Philippines to have a happy life again. I am very sad for everyone who died and all the things that were lost. Here is a video of what the Walk-a-Thon.


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