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Gregor the Overlander

Hello guys, I just had a read aloud about a book called Gregor the Overlander. I have read on, but I don’t want to tell the summaries for other books because my classmates might read them. The summary of Gregor the Overlander is that Gregor was living in his apartment with his mom, his two younger sisters named Boots and Lizzie, and his Grandma. Gregor’s dad went missing 2 years ago. One day, Boots and Gregor were playing when they got sucked down into the Underland. They met a lot of Underlanders, and Gregor had to go on a quest because the Underlanders thought he was the warrior. The Underlanders were at war with the rats at that time. Gregor met a rat named Ripred. Ripred was a rat, so I thought it was weird he was helping Gregor. Gregor found his dad in the Underland. Gregor’s dad was a prisoner of the rats, and Gregor rescued him. Gregor completed the quest, and he, Boots and his dad returned home like nothing happened.

Mostly I liked the story because everything was peaceful. There were some parts in the story where someone died, and I felt a little sad. The most painful thing that happened in the book was when Henry (a Prince) turned on them and joined the rats. Then, he died saving Gregor. I think the scariest animals were the rats. I felt a little scared, even reading a book! The author used good descriptions, and I could picture the scary rats in my mind. Even though When I finished the first book, it made me want to read more. Luckily, there were 4 more books to be read.

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