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This is my science I did. It is about pendulums. I hope you enjoy!

In Science, I have been learning about pendulums. At first, I didn’t know what a bob and cycle was. I then learned that the bob was the mass of the pendulum. A cycle is when the pendulum swings back and forth one time. A period is how long it takes to complete one cycle. My class found out that it didn’t matter what the bob weighed or what angle you released. However, if the strong is shorter, the pendulum does more cycles. If the string is longer, the pendulum does more cycles. We also learned about dependent and independent variables. If you change the length of the string of the pendulum, and keep everything else the same, the independent variable is the string. The dependent variable is what you measure to see how the independent variable changes it. The dependent variable is the number of cycles The last thing we learned was a controlled experiment. A controlled experiment is when you change one variable, but keep the rest the same. If you change more than one variable, then you won’t know which variable affected your results.

I also have some pictures. He they are.


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