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Archive for April 10, 2014

Memory erasing

Hello, I’m going to talk about if I had to erase 2-3 memories and why I would do that.

My first memory would be when my best friend started to bully me. I think he was jealous that I made a new friend. I only made that friend because he was moving to where I was living. He made friends and then they started bullying me. We would have fights sometimes. Not physically, but in sports. Yeah, we would have the fights in recess. It was usually four square fighting. I got him so mad by using my special move. It was called Happy New Year. I called it that because I invented that at New Year’s Day. It would look like I chopped the ball horizontally. It had a lot of power and usually went past the guy who was playing. At the end we became ok friends though.

My second memory would be when we first moved to China. I wanted to live in Hong Kong for one more year. I didn’t like the spitting of the Chinese people. The Hong Kong people never did that. I also didn’t like China because the internet was so slow. In Hong Kong that were a lot of friends. I think it was because SIS is a smaller school than HKIS. I also loved the camp in 3rd grade in Hong Kong. The nice thing is that I can still visit my friends in Hong Kong.

My last memory I would like to erase is visiting temples or Museums for my families vacation trips. It was very annoying and my feet were very tired. I also thought it was annoying because I don’t really learn much. When I was little, I couldn’t learn anything because I couldn’t read! I don’t know how I’m still alive. I definitely don’t want to go anywhere else to “learn”.

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