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Archive for April 22, 2014

Water Cycle


In class we learned about the water cycle. I don’t want to explain it to you because it might be confusing. I have a movie though. I think you will enjoy it. Comment me if you like it or not.

Student Led Confrence

On Friday, I presented my student led conference. My parents were more impressed with what I have learned in Chinese than in my regular classes! Is that crazy or what? They gave me a 10 out of 10 on Chinese and 8 out of 10 on my Student led presentation. In my presentation, I made slides to show them my learning. I had slides of goals, reading, writing, math, ELSRs, and Science. In Chinese, I classified trash, recyclables, kitchen waste and chemical trash. I also read a book with no pinyin. Next, I told them some directions. Then, I told them why I would switch from one type of transportation to the other. I thought the Chinese book I read to them was hard, but I managed to get through it. Have you ever been to a student led conference? It’s fun.

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