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Archive for May 14, 2014

Math Reflection, AGAIN

I am proud of my score on the math test because I only got one wrong out of 2 whole pages. I want to hug someone right now. I doubled checked and triple checked. I was good at adding and subtracting fractions. I was also good at finding per nets for the fractions. I understood how to convert decimals, percentage, and fractions. I thought it was easy finding common denominators for fractions. For example,  the lowest common denomintor 3/4 and 6/8 is 8.

What I wasn’t good at was multipliying mixed fractions. I looked up how to do it, and I practiced it. It was pretty easy. First, you change the mixed fraction or fractions into improper fractions. Second, you multiply them. For example, 2 4/5 x 5 6/7 = 574/35.

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