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Archive for June 4, 2014

Math Reflection

I think I did ok on the test because I got a lot of checks. I understood how to plot the points and connect them. I could also figure out the area for triangles, parallelograms, rectangles and squares. To find the triangles area, use b x h x1/2. For parallelograms, rectangles and squares, use B x H.

I did not understand the concept of volume. My teacher asked me to do the open response again, so I did. I did it again, but it was still wrong. I have no idea why it was wrong because I never asked. However, now I understand that the length and width of the tiles must be divisible by the table width and length. I could improve my score by following directions.

The Bee Movie

Today, two classes combined to watch The Bee Movie. We were suppose to reflect how it is relates to economy and peace and conflict. I thought it was related to peace and conflict because the bees wanted their honey. They didn’t want the humans to steal their honey and make products out of it. They had a big court about it and the bees won. After that, they were living the sweet life. However, after a while, the plants started dying because the bees weren’t giving them pollen. Then, the bees switched it, so that the plants and trees were still growing. I think there was peace at the beginnings when the bees didn’t know that the humans were stealing their honey.

It affects to the economy because the bees were the producers because they produced the honey and the humans were the consumers. The humans had really cruel ways to get the honey from the bees.

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