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Culture Reflection

It’s been so long since I posted. I had such an awesome summer that I forgot to post anything.


This is a reflection about a presentation I did in class on 9/3/14.

I think we did this project because the teacher wanted to see all of our cultures. The visible and the invisible aspects. I actually brought in the Children’s bible to show my class for the invisible aspect of our culture. Everyone loved it. I liked how they were passing the book around and flipping through the pages. They were also flipping through the pages looking for the Ten Commandments (the rules for our culture) I said were in there. They actually found the Ten Commandments! I was one of the 3 of many people to bring an artifact (The Bible) to the class. I had a video of me doing the ALS (Ice Bucket Challenge) that cracked everyone up because after my mom poured ice cold water on my sister and I, I said “Whatever,” like nothing happened to me. I also pushed my sister and said, “Get off of me!” I got an Exemplary because of that video.

It was pretty hard though to get that presentation done because it took a lot of steps. I had to make a pic collage and explain what each picture meant to the class. I also had to include the bibliography which was annoying to put in. I had to give the website, photographer if they said so, and the date I accessed it on. The word salad however, was easy though. I didn’t have to give a bibliography for the words. However, the Word Salad was also annoying to make too because I wanted American to be the biggest because I’m American, and it kept on making the biggest word Hamburgers or Hotdogs. I was really annoyed at that app.

If I had to start the project again, this time, I would go for two exemplars because I want a better grade. I also forgot some information on my presentation and I would like to change that too. I would have more pictures because the better people than me seemed to have more pictures that showed their culture. I might want to have a video talking to myself like my friend did. That seemed really cool.

I took a risk for showing the class some stuff that I probably wouldn’t show. For example, I didn’t think I would bring in my bible, but I did. I thought everyone was just going to look at the cover and flip through and look at one page and then hand it to the next person, but they didn’t. I think I grew as a learner because I know people like when someone brings something in and let’s them pass it around. I also grew as a learner because now I know more about my culture too!? Weird right? I had no idea about the Ten Commandments from God, but now I know.

Well, that’s it for today, see ya soon.

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