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What I am thankful for

I am thankful for my family because they are nice, and I wouldn’t exist without them. I am thankful for my friends becuase they cheer me up when I feel sad. I am thankful for the delicious food we have like McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken. I am thankful for Techology because it makes our lives much easier. I am most thankful for my health because I rarely get sick. My friend, Landon, has to stay in many hospitals.

Wacky Wesnesday

On Wednesday we had Wacky Wednesday. The teacher said she was from Pluto. I thought the day would be exciting. We got to make up our names. My name was Fu. We got to call each other that for the rest of the day.We read a book after we made up our names. After that, we found something wacky in our school. The school sign was upside down! My teacher was wacky by not knowing some of the answers. I loved Wacky Wednesday like it was a the end of school.


Hey guys me again and this page is about commenting. For commenting you can’t really say that’s good or I like it. You have to say a lot of words like I like your blog post, I think you should revise it a little bit more.

The second thing I want you to do is never to give too much personal information. Example, my name is Bob Smith and I live in Costal Rose Garden 3 apartment 19 4th floor to the left.

Third thing is I want you to add a question about my post. I like replying, plus you can learn more information about my post.

I think that is all I want you to do, so have a great time and be cool.

Some of my classmates

I go to a school called SIS today I’m going to show you some of my classmates.


This is Leo


This is Felix


This is Matteo


This is Alex

And the most important person of them all, me


Why I chose epicboy2003

You all might be wondering why I chose epicboy2003 it is because last year I was called epicboy and my gamecenter account is epicboy2003 is it so I thought it will be a perfect fit. I was also born in 2003. You guys can request me on Game Center I don’t care I will accept. I also chose epicboy2003 because I thought it is long and not many people will know my first name. Sometimes I actually liked getting called epic because they didn’t feel like writing my whole name.

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