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Shekou is a nice place to visit for vacation, but don’t live there for a while. It can get annoying. I’ve seen the Chinese spit. 20140318-080928.jpg However, it has good places like Happy Valley. Happy Valley has a lot of rides. I went their with friend and we loved it. 20140319-083313.jpg Shekou also has Windows of the Worlds. It is where you get to see famous places like the Eiffel Tower.


Movers and Shakers

Hi epic dudes. I have just finished an epic Social Studies project with my class. There were 4 categories I’m going to talk about. Enjoy.

But first, the movie.


The task was to research about your mover and shaker. A mover and shaker is a person who changed the world. My mover and shaker was Bill Gates. I had to research when he was born. I also had to research about His childhood, Microsoft and his foundation. My steps for erase arching were fine. First I read an Wikipedia article about Bill Gates. I got a lot of information. Then, I put it in an app called Evernote. I wanted to know his challenges, so I read something about his challenges. I read other websites that gave me very little additional information. One of my strengths were that I researched all I could about him. I also had a lot of sources. One of my weaknesses were that I didn’t research enough of his childhood. What I should do next time is search up about his or her childhood.

Faux Autobiography

For the faux autobiography, we had to put our research into one big piece. I free wrote at first, but my mom helped me organize it. We had when he was born and introduction. I then moved on to his childhood, then Microsoft, then his foundation. At the end I checked for spelling mistakes and punctuation. One of my strengths is that I kept revising and editing it. I also had help from my parents or teacher. One of my weaknesses was that I had it was all messed up. I took my mom and I 3 hours to figure it out. Next time I’m going to organize it at all cost.


We had to make our faux autobiography into a movie. My steps were that I organized it and had it all planned out. Then, I did what the plan said. I got feedback from my family and did it again. Once I was done, I did the same thing again until it was perfect. One of my strengths were that I got really good feedback. Another one was that I worked hard to get it done. One of my weaknesses was that I mispronounced some words. I plan to do it slowly and steady. I made this one scene where everyone loved and laughed when they saw it.

Relevant and Engaging

Vascular Plants assessment

We had an assessment about Vascular plants. We had to do this like a review. I did mine on educreations. I had to do it 3 times because I made some mistakes. It took me about 10 minutes to do one because I had to draw pictures. We were suppose to use words like xylem or phloem. Here is mine. Science

Science Reflection

Hi guys it’s me again and today I will show you my science reflection. Here it is.

 I did an iMovie about the digestive and excretory systems.  I liked how when I finished a scene, I would show examples or pictures of the organs.  I also liked my ending when I pretended to go to the bathroom, and I ran off. I also liked that I gave great information about the digestive and excretory system. I had a nice big bold voice, so everyone could hear what I was saying. 

My weakness was that I hesitated in some parts, and I didn’t look at the camera. My mom didn’t like that but I was nervous.   This is because I thought I would mess up and have to do it again. Next time I will try to look at the camera. I also want to stand still while I am recording. 

Science video

Hi guys it’s me again and today i have a science video


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