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Level completed

I have just uploaded a level called In The Endstone. I would really appreciate it if you check it out. I’m going to try an auto level next.


Right now I’m working on a new level In The Endstone. It has it own music which is awesome. I haven’t finished it yet. I will post again once I’m finished.


My AMPed celebration so far

Right now,vi have finished one level of my game, I am working on a second now.



Today, I have to post what I’m currently working on my AMPed project




Some might be backwards! Sorry!

If you are interested in creating a geometry dash level with me, please reply!

Humanities Unit 1 Reflection

Hey, guys I’m doing two reflections for my school work. Here it is.


Culture Reflection

It’s been so long since I posted. I had such an awesome summer that I forgot to post anything.


This is a reflection about a presentation I did in class on 9/3/14.

I think we did this project because the teacher wanted to see all of our cultures. The visible and the invisible aspects. I actually brought in the Children’s bible to show my class for the invisible aspect of our culture. Everyone loved it. I liked how they were passing the book around and flipping through the pages. They were also flipping through the pages looking for the Ten Commandments (the rules for our culture) I said were in there. They actually found the Ten Commandments! I was one of the 3 of many people to bring an artifact (The Bible) to the class. I had a video of me doing the ALS (Ice Bucket Challenge) that cracked everyone up because after my mom poured ice cold water on my sister and I, I said “Whatever,” like nothing happened to me. I also pushed my sister and said, “Get off of me!” I got an Exemplary because of that video.

It was pretty hard though to get that presentation done because it took a lot of steps. I had to make a pic collage and explain what each picture meant to the class. I also had to include the bibliography which was annoying to put in. I had to give the website, photographer if they said so, and the date I accessed it on. The word salad however, was easy though. I didn’t have to give a bibliography for the words. However, the Word Salad was also annoying to make too because I wanted American to be the biggest because I’m American, and it kept on making the biggest word Hamburgers or Hotdogs. I was really annoyed at that app.

If I had to start the project again, this time, I would go for two exemplars because I want a better grade. I also forgot some information on my presentation and I would like to change that too. I would have more pictures because the better people than me seemed to have more pictures that showed their culture. I might want to have a video talking to myself like my friend did. That seemed really cool.

I took a risk for showing the class some stuff that I probably wouldn’t show. For example, I didn’t think I would bring in my bible, but I did. I thought everyone was just going to look at the cover and flip through and look at one page and then hand it to the next person, but they didn’t. I think I grew as a learner because I know people like when someone brings something in and let’s them pass it around. I also grew as a learner because now I know more about my culture too!? Weird right? I had no idea about the Ten Commandments from God, but now I know.

Well, that’s it for today, see ya soon.

Friends YouTube channel

My friend asked me to put their youtube channel on my blog so I did. I hope you enjoy the videos. Here it is.

Friends Channel

Math Reflection

I think I did ok on the test because I got a lot of checks. I understood how to plot the points and connect them. I could also figure out the area for triangles, parallelograms, rectangles and squares. To find the triangles area, use b x h x1/2. For parallelograms, rectangles and squares, use B x H.

I did not understand the concept of volume. My teacher asked me to do the open response again, so I did. I did it again, but it was still wrong. I have no idea why it was wrong because I never asked. However, now I understand that the length and width of the tiles must be divisible by the table width and length. I could improve my score by following directions.

The Bee Movie

Today, two classes combined to watch The Bee Movie. We were suppose to reflect how it is relates to economy and peace and conflict. I thought it was related to peace and conflict because the bees wanted their honey. They didn’t want the humans to steal their honey and make products out of it. They had a big court about it and the bees won. After that, they were living the sweet life. However, after a while, the plants started dying because the bees weren’t giving them pollen. Then, the bees switched it, so that the plants and trees were still growing. I think there was peace at the beginnings when the bees didn’t know that the humans were stealing their honey.

It affects to the economy because the bees were the producers because they produced the honey and the humans were the consumers. The humans had really cruel ways to get the honey from the bees.


Hello, I will be talking about a book called The


. It is a sad book because the character home country got taken over by the Taliban. The Taliban took over by bombing places. The character’a family was forced to live in hope of there father earning enough money so they can live. The Taliban were very strict. They said no music, no TV, and no communication. There was a lot of killing. Also the character’h father got taken away. The main character had to work for their family has a boy when she was a girl. He was taken by men back to their house at the end. There is also more books about this. I want to read on. There is just one thing left and that is never forget “how beautiful one flower is.”

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