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Math Reflection, AGAIN

I am proud of my score on the math test because I only got one wrong out of 2 whole pages. I want to hug someone right now. I doubled checked and triple checked. I was good at adding and subtracting fractions. I was also good at finding per nets for the fractions. I understood how to convert decimals, percentage, and fractions. I thought it was easy finding common denominators for fractions. For example,  the lowest common denomintor 3/4 and 6/8 is 8.

What I wasn’t good at was multipliying mixed fractions. I looked up how to do it, and I practiced it. It was pretty easy. First, you change the mixed fraction or fractions into improper fractions. Second, you multiply them. For example, 2 4/5 x 5 6/7 = 574/35.

Lantau Island

For two days, the whole 5th grade went on a camping trip. I woke up at 5:50 for getting ready :). I wasn’t really excited because I had already been to another camp that was better. I stilled liked it though. We had to get past immigration. I did not like immigration. It took forever. I pressed poor service because they didn’t smile at me. The TV commercial promised a smile. When we got to camp, we had to drop off one of the two of our bags. We stayed at the YWCA. I liked the YWCA. It looked nice. Then, we got on to a bus. My friends and I sat at the back of the bus. We made up a song called the hat bros. We said, ‘We’re the hat bros, we’re the hat bros, we’re the hat bros, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH. When we got to our destination, we met our guide, Jasmine. We had to pick up a dirty beach. I didn’t lie picking up disgusting things. After we finished, we walked up a mountain with dogs. our group got the best dog, Spicy. We walked up the mountain with Spicy. Spicy was the most cooperative. When we finally got up the mountain, we had to have a talk about the environment. Then, we had to do activities. When we were done, we had to hike up a mountain. All of us were really tired at the end. We also got stopped by a water buffalo. When we finally got back, we were all tired. We got into our cabins and we were active again. We were talking to everyone in the cabin. However, we heard a boy named Devon call our names. We popped outside and we found out how to communicate. We communicated with the girls. We watched a movie and then went to sleep.

One of our roommates woke up at 4:30 Am. Another one woke up at 5:30. The first boy said, YOU’RE AWAKE TOO and woke the whole cabin. We were all confused and tired. We started communicating at 6:30 because a boy named Brook woke all the other boys up. WE also communicated with the girls. We played a game where we used a ball. We finally got caught and went back into our rooms. We ate breakfast. I made a egg sandwich. We got on a bus and went to our destination. We walked around buffaloes and did activities. We also swam in the beach. I loved the beach because we had boys versus girls. The boys won because we had the numbers and the water guns. We did a little more activities and then we finally got on the bus and went to our final destination, HOME.

Here is a video to see a slideshow about our camps.

Water Cycle


In class we learned about the water cycle. I don’t want to explain it to you because it might be confusing. I have a movie though. I think you will enjoy it. Comment me if you like it or not.

Student Led Confrence

On Friday, I presented my student led conference. My parents were more impressed with what I have learned in Chinese than in my regular classes! Is that crazy or what? They gave me a 10 out of 10 on Chinese and 8 out of 10 on my Student led presentation. In my presentation, I made slides to show them my learning. I had slides of goals, reading, writing, math, ELSRs, and Science. In Chinese, I classified trash, recyclables, kitchen waste and chemical trash. I also read a book with no pinyin. Next, I told them some directions. Then, I told them why I would switch from one type of transportation to the other. I thought the Chinese book I read to them was hard, but I managed to get through it. Have you ever been to a student led conference? It’s fun.

The Watsons Go to Birmingham

The Watsons go to Birmingham was a good book my class read. It had discrimination, prejudice, racism, issues and the status quo was wrong. The Watsons were a family. Some of the character were Kenny, Byron, Wilona and Joetta. Byron was doing so many things wrong at summer that the parents decided he needed to go with their grandma. It took a long time to get there but they finally get there. They stayed a couple days. One day, Joetta went to church. Kenny heard a big boom after a while. He saw his parents and Byron running fir the church. The church was blew up by 2 white men. Everyone thought that Joetta was dead. Joetta said she wasn’t at the church because she saw Kenny wave to her. In the end, she was still alive.

Buddy Movie

I had to partner up with my kindergarten buddy and do a movie. He is silly, but sometimes can be serious. It was hard to film because he was silly. He was a global citizen, but not a complex thinker. He would fool around when we were done. He was good at communicator, with his friends. He tried to kill my friend, Felix. I haven’t finished yet, but it will be ready this week.

Image Badge

Today, our school had field day. We had to do different activities. It was really hot though and I didn’t have much water because I accidentally left it in my classroom. I dyed my hair pink because I was on the pink team. PINK RULES!!! I actually don’t like pink. We also got a badge at the end. This is it.


Memory erasing

Hello, I’m going to talk about if I had to erase 2-3 memories and why I would do that.

My first memory would be when my best friend started to bully me. I think he was jealous that I made a new friend. I only made that friend because he was moving to where I was living. He made friends and then they started bullying me. We would have fights sometimes. Not physically, but in sports. Yeah, we would have the fights in recess. It was usually four square fighting. I got him so mad by using my special move. It was called Happy New Year. I called it that because I invented that at New Year’s Day. It would look like I chopped the ball horizontally. It had a lot of power and usually went past the guy who was playing. At the end we became ok friends though.

My second memory would be when we first moved to China. I wanted to live in Hong Kong for one more year. I didn’t like the spitting of the Chinese people. The Hong Kong people never did that. I also didn’t like China because the internet was so slow. In Hong Kong that were a lot of friends. I think it was because SIS is a smaller school than HKIS. I also loved the camp in 3rd grade in Hong Kong. The nice thing is that I can still visit my friends in Hong Kong.

My last memory I would like to erase is visiting temples or Museums for my families vacation trips. It was very annoying and my feet were very tired. I also thought it was annoying because I don’t really learn much. When I was little, I couldn’t learn anything because I couldn’t read! I don’t know how I’m still alive. I definitely don’t want to go anywhere else to “learn”.


This is my science I did. It is about pendulums. I hope you enjoy!

In Science, I have been learning about pendulums. At first, I didn’t know what a bob and cycle was. I then learned that the bob was the mass of the pendulum. A cycle is when the pendulum swings back and forth one time. A period is how long it takes to complete one cycle. My class found out that it didn’t matter what the bob weighed or what angle you released. However, if the strong is shorter, the pendulum does more cycles. If the string is longer, the pendulum does more cycles. We also learned about dependent and independent variables. If you change the length of the string of the pendulum, and keep everything else the same, the independent variable is the string. The dependent variable is what you measure to see how the independent variable changes it. The dependent variable is the number of cycles The last thing we learned was a controlled experiment. A controlled experiment is when you change one variable, but keep the rest the same. If you change more than one variable, then you won’t know which variable affected your results.

I also have some pictures. He they are.


Editors helping me with my blog

Some of my friends decided to help me with my blog. Here are there names and pictures.

20140403-143411.jpg Felix.

20140403-143536.jpg Boey.

20140403-143615.jpg and Matteo.

Look for 21ms02 for Matteo, 21yw01 for Felix, and 21bt01 for Boey. Bye now.

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