epicboy2003 epic adventure

Just another Share @ SIS site


Hey guys this is me again and I am going to show you the trailer my group worked on.

Balloon Chasing

I made this new game called balloon chasing. I think it is very fun and hard. I have also made some videos. Here are all of them I made so far.

Junk Boat trip

Hey guys i am here again to say that this weekend I had an awesome junk boat trip with some of my friends living in Hong Kong. It took the banana boat forever to come to the boat. When it was my turn to go on the banana boat I had people with me. We were riding the banana boat when the captain put the banana boat on full speed and one of my friends fell off. The other one and me were barely hanging on. We somehow didn’t fall in the water. I don’t know why but i thought it was fun.

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