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Math Reflection

Hey guys this is my math reflection. Get some juice, but don’t forget the snack.

For this unit, I was was good at recognizing maximum, minimum, mode, mean, and range. Maximum means max. Minimum means lowest. Mode means most often. Mean means the average. Range is the maximum minus the minimum. I was also good at the traditional multiplication method. I loved multiplying 2 digits by 2 other digits. I could multiply decimals. I was awesome at identifying numbers. I was good at addition and subtraction with whole numbers and decimals. I can also write numbers in expanded notations. The last thing I was good at is writing and solving number sentences.

The one thing I really have to improve in math is double checking. My plan is to check my homework twice to get in the habit of doing it. What I was bad in this unit was making magnitude estimates. It was usally because I got t (more…)

Math apps

If you want to learn algebra, you better get these apps. They’re paid, but worth it. I’m going to show you level one and two for it. I don’t have level three yet, but I’m planning to get it. Here what they look like



It also has lessons for when you’re getting started. There will be more harder levels on the way, so don’t think it will be a piece of cake.


I will help you figure out the first problem. Here it is.


What you have to do first is add 8 and 5 together to get the answer 8+5=13. Then you try to figure what the other side is. The other side has a 3 on it, so it has to be x=5. Put that in.


Now, you have to check it. Check it by putting 13=13. If you got it right it will say great, if you got something wrong, It will say x doesn’t equal 5 or you got the check wrong


Math phone numbers

Hey guys and girls I was looking at some math and I thought I should show you it and help you solve one and then try to make you guys and girls figure out the rest. Here is problem number one and the digitals

first of all grab a piece of paper and right down all the possible numbers. Then make some weird letters until it make sense then write the answer down.






Super hard one let me know if you can figure it out.

The author or creator of this is Jack Silbert the publishing company was Scholastic

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