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Hi everybody! Welcome to my blog! My name is Boey, I was born in China Hong Kong. I’m currently living in Shenzhen with my mom, dad, and my brother, Conrad. My school is called SIS (Shekou International School), and it’s the best! We have this 1:1 ratio activity where each student from 4th grade to 6th grade gets an iPad.
I love adventure like snorkeling. My first time snorkeling was when I went to Maldives. I really want to see the clear waters of Maldives again. I was really nervous at first, when I jumped into the icy, cold water. I did not put my head down until I swam to warmer water. When I did put my head into the water, oh my! The ocean was swarmed with wildlife, fish coral and- “Sea turtle!”, someone screamed suddenly. I quickly paddled to the direction the voice came from. There, over a tiny hill underwater, is the magnificent sea turtle. I began to cry on the inside. You would too if you’re looking face-to-face with a turtle and knowing that they will all die out if we don’t care for them. But I do. I care for them. So I vowed I would do anything to prevent these incredible creatures to go extinct. While we swam another 10 minutes or more, we saw another sea turtle a few hundred meters away. Thanks to the clear water, we could see large objects far, far away. That made me feel as if I had a special bond to them. That experience made me want to go to the Amazon, Antarctic, Arctic to see frogs, penguins, polar bear, whales, snakes, tigers, and lots more.

Most people that know me think me as a serious learner, but deep down, I’m an adventurer. On a trip to Maldives, I went paragliding (flying on a parachute that’s pulled by a boat)! I love risks like these! I was so excited when I got on the boats that’s supposed to pull me in air. When I buckle myself to the parachute, the buckle seemed so loose (or that’s what I thought, I was not using my logical thinking). “Let’s do this!” I screamed. The engine was so loud no one could hear you unless you scream. Then suddenly, farther and farther away I go from the boat, and I started to lift off into the sky. The boat was still pulling the parachute with a thick, metal wire. I was so focused looking down, I didn’t bother looking out. Oh my god! We were surrounded by islands. Before that I thought Maldives was only one island. Now, I know it consists of several islands. After a few seconds, I was 40 meters up in the air. The wind was zooming past my ears like a torpedo, and with the buckle still feeling ‘loose’, it’s like you’re suspended in mid-air. Suddenly, I felt like I was getting closer to the ocean. The crew did the landing signal, so I straightened my legs for landing. The crew was very accurate at landing. I landed exactly on the spot, a single mark, with a feeling of wanting to do it again.
Despite being adventurous, my most known trait is my love for science ( and that’s the easiest way to annoy people. After all, who want’s to hear stuff they have no idea what?). Wide open, my eyes sparkle eagerly, both literally and figuratively. I’ve been studying astronomy, biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy, ecology, zoology, and lots more. I’m eager to learn facts anytime. Give me a book, I will finish reading it and remember most of the fact. I’m currently reading Touch Press apps, they’re all paid but it’s worth it. I also watch 10 BrainPOP videos a day. From all those research and reading, I’ve collected lots of facts. I’m also happy to help anyone in science and math if they need help
One of my best friend is Felix, visit his blog on share.sis.org.cn/21yw01. He is a gigantic math-lover, and a good scientist. Felix loves to eat, it’s like he never get full and I get full immediately. We’ve done a lot things together. Went on holidays together, birthday parties together, played Minecraft together, and went to school together.
When I grow up,I want to be a scientist. The only thing is, I don’t know what kind. Maybe an astronomer, or a chemist? I want to discover something that no one ever found, like aliens. But 1/4 of the time, I want to be a conservationist, protecting the animals from extinction.
The future is the future, and the future can not be confirmed. So let’s leave the last paragraph and go back to present, and the present is the end of this autobiography. Thanks for reading!

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  1. G’day Boey,
    You must have a fantastic class. The first two about me pages I read and I am wow!!

    You are a bit more adventurous than I am but I have climbed up the centre of a pyramid in Egypt and rafted down a river in Alaska.

    PS It would make it easier to read your page if you had an extra line between each paragraph.

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