Cebu (10° N, 124° E)

June- October: typhoon seasons
November- May: Sunny seasons
April- May: hottest months, almost rain everyday; temperature up to 37°C in summer
Yearly average humidity: 80%

-Since warmer places have lower air pressure and where rising air is has low density, Cebu has low density and low pressure and has many winds toward the center of the city.
-Water in ocean is colder than the sand because sand heats up and cools down quicker than sea water.
-Because high temperature air rises to sky, it rains a lot from June to October.

Intensity of Light


Science Lab Report(corrected)

Orange Juice Lab Report


Orange has lots of Vitamin C but when it is processed into commercial juice the amount of vitamin C decreases while sugar and other contents are added for sweet favor. If you want to intake lots of vitamin C as much as possible from orange juice, you should make fresh homemade orange juice. However, if you cannot make orange juice at home then which commercial juice is the most efficient one to buy?

We know that some nutrition information includes untruth, then how to know which orange juice in the supermarket has the most vitamin C? The solution is titration. Titration is to find out the unknown concentration of one solution by reacting it with a solution of known concentration. Macid x Vacid = Mbase x Vbase is the formula for titration. Macid is the molarity of the acid, Vacid is the volume of the acid, Mbase is molarity of the base, and Vbase = volume of the base. Continue reading