i haven’t touched this blog in about a year now, and main reason is…I don’t go to this school anymore! Yup. Well I have a new blog, it probably won’t be as interesting as this one yet, I still have to get the posts up, but I hope you’ll check it out.

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Humanities Unit 1 Reflection


Yup, another post for school.

So, from September till now my class in Humanities (Writing and Social Studies) have been learning about different civilizations and cultures. In writing we have been writing personal narratives about ourselves.

Below is a StoreHouse that is my reflection and I will also put a few photos of my projects.






AMPED Project


So today I was originally going to write about my AMPED Project, which is my passion project at school. But….I gave up abandoned it. I abandoned it because it is already about three months and me and my friend Emmie are still planning on the whiteboard. Our new project will be comedy, stay on the blog and I’ll post more about that as we’re going.


Express Myself Keynote Presentation Review


This week in school my class (6A) each made a keynote presentation about our different cultures, this is my reflection about my presentation.

For me, the first thing I had to do for my presentation was to find the photos for my presentation because all the information about my culture was all in my head! You may think finding photos, saving them, them putting then on a keynote wasn’t that hard, well that’s not all of it. In my school, in order to get good grades you should use photos that are copyright licensed so that the “author” of this photo gives permission for the use of this photo. Also you have to make a bibliography for the photos, what’s a bibliography you ask? Well a bibliography is like the credit in a movie, it gives where you got the photo from. Now your thinking, “Oh! Pasting a link is easy!”, but I wanted to get a exemplary (highest grade), so I had to use MLA format, more specific (and harder!) way of writing a bibliography.

The second part is to put it all together, on the keynote I chose a different theme then what I usually would choose and it actually looked pretty good! After that I put the information and pictures on the slides and pasted in the bibliography. I was almost done! After that I put in the animations and voila! I’m done!

If I were to change anything that I did I would change the invisible aspect of my culture into a different one. I feel like I did pretty good overall and I am proud of what I did. Not everything was perfect but in reality, nothing is.

The hardest part for me was getting the photos because there weren’t any good photos that are copyrighted and also because Creative Commons and compfight don’t work at my house. The easiest part for me was the animation because I like to know how everything is going to change.

Here’s some questions for you guys to answer:

What is your culture? What do you think of it?

Thanks for Reading! SEEYA!

SIS ES Art Show – One of my favourite pieces


Last week, the SIS Elementary School had a art show. There were many pieces, from Kindergarten To 5th grade. There were even teacher art pieces!

Today, we went to the art gallery to write about a piece. I chose a picture of mountains and the sun, drew by a 3rd grade teacher. I wrote a poem based on this painting. This poem is a haiku, a haiku is a poem with 5 syllables in the first verse, 7 in the next, and 5 again.

Here is my poem~

Snow sparkles in sun
Great, Rough, Smooth, Strong, Tall, Jagged
Everlasting life



LanTau Reflection


On May 7th-8th 5th grade went to Lantau Island, HK for an overnight stay

We had two main activities, the first was “Kick Start Sustainability” the second is “On The Buffalo Trail”. I was in Group B so we went to “On The Buffalo Trail” first. I learned about buffaloes, plants, crabs, and a special kind of seed (and lots more!). Also, in “On The Buffalo Trail” we got to swim at the beach, watch birds and inspect small animals. There was also a cow called “Billy” they rescued.

Now, “Kick Start Sustainability”. I learned about, compost, trees, and ocean garbage. In “Kick Start Sustainability” we planted trees, made compost and picked up beach garbage. Did you know that in HK there was a plastic pellet beach? (Don’t worry they cleaned about70-80% up). There was also a pig called “Charlie” they rescued.

Other than that, we ate dinner in groups (we chose) and we ate family style. Also, we had free time ourselves outside with our friends. Overall for me, it was a great learning experience, and the other part was that IT WAS TOTALLY EPICALLY FUN!

pictures below






5C Trash Project Reflection


Yesterday, 5C was given a question to answer. The question was “How Much Trash Does 5C Generate In One Day?” We were asked to come up with a plan with our pod.

My groups plan was to put all the trash in one bin, and then at the end of the day we weigh the trash. Our plan was about the same with the other groups so we used this method.

The good part about the plan was that it was easy and simple. Some negatives were that we had to measure a lot of times because the weight of the trash kept shifting. I don’t really think there is any other way of being more accurate other then measuring the trash one by one

I think the amount of trash we generated is average, (we generated ~239g of trash) but if we wanted to help the environment, we should through away less trash. If the whole school added up all our trash of a day, I think we could get more than average, because some classrooms have students who bring lots of snacks and some with less, either way I just have a gut feeling

The End! SEEYA!

Global Warming


This Week is Earth Week. Did ya know? So here’s a little post about that

First of all, the thing that I’m worrying about the most is Global Warming. Global Warming is the effect of greenhouse gasses(Carbon Dioxide, Methane…) gathering in the atmosphere and trapping the heat. Here’s a little fact about that! (That was not meant to rhyme;))
• The Arctic is feeling the effects the most. Average temperatures in Alaska, western Canada, and eastern Russia have risen at twice the global average, according to the multinational Arctic Climate Impact Assessment report compiled between 2000 and 2004.

Two things you can do to help save our beautiful (Not Really…like both ways, environment and people) Earth are “Epic Drumroll…”!

Stop The Cars (or whatever things that use fossil fuels [Oil, Coal, Gasoline…])! Yes, these machines give out greenhouse gasses most likely. I know you probably have to use a car almost everyday, but please try to (at least) drive less. The 2nd> solution is…To Plant More Trees! Why? because trees take in Carbon Dioxide and Give out oxygen. See? If there are more trees, then there are less carbon dioxide, which is less greenhouse gas! Also, it’s a fair trade, ya know? Humans breath oxygen, give carbon dioxide, trees “breath” carbon dioxide, give oxygen.

One resolution that I will do is…”drive less” (ima kid), maybe carpool…and such. I think this will help because, there still might be cars but less than before.

A Quote~”You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”- Jane Goodall

Thx 4 Reading! SEEYA!

SLC Reflection

Wasup, Viewers! Woo!

SLC means Student Led Conference, a student led conference is a conference led by the student to show your learning to your parents. The reason we have student led conferences are because, we want to share our learning and goals with our parents.

A strength of mine is that the design was pretty good and I organized my evidence. A thing I need to work on is probably explaining more or speaking up a little bit more.

Next time, I will speak up more and have everything organized and ready to go, with explanations.

Always Here,

My Spring Break Poem!!

Hiya, Viewers!

So our teacher, (Mr. Callahan) asked us to write a poem about spring break or something in your spring break. So I decided to write about lost. Yes, I tell you why. I lost my stuffed Boston terrier that my friends gave me for christmas, and that’s why I’m writing about lost.

Here is My Poem~

a stuffed animal gone forever
confused of everything happening in your head
when your best friend steals your compass and tells you the wrong directions
you when your BFF tells you directions
your family no more but a illusion

Is Not…
having everything you started off with
returning home right on time
leaving a hotel and not forgetting a thing
a map with the right directions
having everything you need