All About Me

Hiya, Viewers!

My name’s Tina, and welcome to my blog!
You should know more about ME so here we go!

I am from Canada, but my parents are chinese. I currently live in ShenZhen,China, but I love Canada the most. I love Canada mostly because I lived most of my life until 4th grade, also the environment is clean and I could go snowboarding more, lastly my friends are spread out, mostly all in Canada though. My family includes: Mom,Sister,Dad, Grandma,Grandpa, Lucky (MY Dog) and a bunch of uncles aunties and cousins. Some of my hobbies are: Reading,Snowboarding , Playing Badminton, Drawing, Basketball, Playing w/ Friends and Watching YouTUBE or Movies.
Some Favorites are Below

Fav. Color:
-Red (All Shades)
-All Shades from Black to White
-Green (All Shades)
-Yellow(All Shades)
-Silver and Gold
-Neon Yellow and Green

Fav. Video/Movie:
-ASDF Movie
-The Diamond Minecart (YouTUBE Channel)

My Following Friends are EPIC:

Well, That’s mostly it! Seeya Next Week!

5 thoughts on “All About Me

  1. G’day Tina,
    What a great about me page.

    Why do you like Canada? What are the good things about being in an International School?

  2. Hi Tina! I’m Sofia and I am from Texas. My parents are from Canada though, and a lot of family lives there! Your blog is so awesome! I love ASDF movies too, they are hilarious! Also, I have always wanted a puppy, so I have a whole stuffed animal collection of them! Believe it or not, I have an electronic dog named Lucky!!!! He can play tug of war and stand on his head! If you can please comment on and check out my blog!


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