App Review: Pinterest


The app I am reviewing today is Pinterest. It is a app I use daily. People share “pins” and you can see what they are posting, it has everything from clothing items to online comics.

I like the app because it gives me inspiration for DIY’s, clothing, or hairstyle ideas. Another reason is because, it is almost like a search engine, almost everything is included in this app if you search for it. Lastly, you can create your own account and board to add your own pins, this can help a lot of other people as well. Other people can give reviews and comments on the pictures so you can see what they thought of it too. It is very efficient and this is why I like the app so much.

What I wish I could change about Pinterest is that sometimes it lags and doesn’t show your boards to you. The function of the app sometimes doesn’t work even on good wifi.

Here is a demonstration of how to use the app:image




Here is a video tutorial:

WWWs iBooks

I recently went on my THIRD week without walls. This time it was at Xiamen, Fujian. We visited and learned about the Hakka people and culture. The view and environment there was amazing. Although Week Without Walls is about bonding between students and other teachers. I believe there is a deeper purpose behind it that most people don’t think about. Below is a iBook I created about the purpose behind week without walls and why it matters. Please leave a comment and tell me what you think.

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You Can’t Rewrite the Past…

Thirteen Reasons Why
Jay Asher

You can’t stop the future. You can’t rewind the past. The only way to learn the secret…is to press play.

I am a HUGE fan of romance novels…and this one is particular is my absolute favorite. Behind the brilliant story, it talks about a deeper issue our society is facing, especially in teens.

It is about a girl named Hannah being bullied. She makes a cassette tape with the 13 people that hurt her in it. She talks about 13 reasons why she decided to kill herself, and sends it to people. Clay (the main character) included in it…but Clay’s scenario is a little different. Clay is overwhelmed since Hannah (his classmate and crush) committed suicide 2 weeks before he received the package. It is a dual narrative between the two characters.

Hannah’s deep thoughts on the page seemed like it was so true. I have never dealt with/had suicidal thoughts before. I cannot even imagine what the kids in real life have to deal with. Something that’s seems so small and petty to us, it builds and builds inside an already vulnerable and fragile person. I used to think that suiciding is selfish, it brings down all the people around you…but this book is an eye opener. I understand why Hannah made the decision to do this to herself. Hannah suicided because her depression and anxiety were eating away at her brain, like a bug. Although her reasons were valid, she still shouldn’t of ended her life.

I love this book, not just because of the plot. But, because this is a book that will make you think after you read it. The quotes from this book gave me goosebumps because of how raw and honest the characters were. I recommend this book to anyone who likes mystery, realistic fiction, and a whole lot of romance. Better yet, they actually recorded “Hannah’s voice” on YouTube so you can listen to it while reading the book. Here is the link: Cassette Tape. Of course, there always will be people who hate this book. Some people who think it’s disturbing or that it glamorises suicide. But hey, I don’t judge. Go read and see for yourself.

We have to watch our actions, because in the end…everything matters.


We’re all to blame, at least a little.