AMPed Celebration

For my AMPed project, I am currently quite successful. I am successful because I have created my first cooking video, where I learn how to bake ANZAC biscuits. My advisor, Ms. Walsh, oversaw my cooking process and agreed that my cookies came out relatively successfully.

Unit 1 Humanities Reflection

Recently, we finished our first writing and social studies unit. We focused on Ancient River Civilizations and personal narratives. I wrote a written reflection and created a Storehouse. You can click the link to access my storehouse and read my reflections and look at my photo evidence.

Words From My Mom

Hi everyone! For the student blogging challenge, I had my mom write a paragraph about any thing she wanted. And she decided to write about raising a child. This paragraph is in Chinese, so people who don’t understand chinese can use translated tools to translate this piece, but it may not come out right. Anyways, here is the paragraph!

越来越发现孩子成长,自己也必须不断学习;在孩子出现问题时不发火,通过学习想办法解决问题; 有问题不要老想著这是孩子的错,想想可能这是我或者爸爸的原因造成或导致的错; 需要和孩子沟通,没有教育不好的孩子,只有不会教育的父母; 不要老想著我要改变孩子,我先改变自己,与时俱进; 别只看孩子的缺点,先看孩子的优点; 不要把孩子不爱学习的责任推卸是没有遇到好老师;我需要先变成一个好学的人作为榜样;不是孩子不独立,太没有主见;是我不放手让孩子锻炼;发现孩子性格不好,我必须要提高自身修养不要在家里发脾气;不想孩子心眼小,我要成为一个大器的人;不想孩子没有上进心,我要成为有上进心的人。

Family Avatars

For the Edublogs Student Challenge, I have created avatars for both my dad and my mom. I have customized them because of various reasons. Here are my family avatars:

My Mom
I chose my mom’s background because we love going to the movies together, and then critiquing the movies afterwards. I chose a dress for her because I probably have never seen her in pants, and the color of it is white because I think white is peaceful. I decided that she would be holding me because whenever we have to hurry up she holds me so I don’t get lost.

My Dad
I chose my dad’s background because we live in a huge city, and he likes the bustling sounds all around us. I chose a black suit because as he is a businessman, he usually wears nice clothes. And I chose his hair because I’ve always wondered what he looked like with bangs.

Writing Prompt
After viewing this keynote, write up the ending and what 13 could mean. Make your story funny, or scary, or even crazy! I hope your stories will be filled with creativity!

My New Avatar

Has anyone noticed my brand new avatar? If you haven’t, let me introduce you to him! I made Mr. Felix with the website Animoto. The website is in Japanese, but I used inferences to make it work. Knowing chinese also helped me make it work. Here is a picture of Mr. Felix!

For my avatar, I decided to use my own hair color and basic features. I then added messy hair because I always wonder what it would be like to have really messy hair. I also decided to use a red tie and blue pants because red and blue reminded me of superman, and I thought that a white shirt matched the red tie well. Finally, I decided to have sandals because I can’t stand wearing sneakers and dress shoes. I chose my background because it is a picture of my home, Hong Kong, and I love the bright lights of the city at night.

Now, I’m going to teach YOU how to make an avatar using Animoto! Here are very simple instructions (with pictures)