Murder At Midnight

Last week, Mrs. Huiet put Boey, Than, Leo and I into a book club. We got to choose a book from a selection that Mrs. Huiet provided. We chose the book Murder At Midnight because the cover painting was really cool.
Mrs. Huiet told us to read four chapters and predict, interact with the text, which means jot down notes about things that you want to share with the group, and summarize at the end. The book’s main characters are Fabrizio, Maria Zeanzi, Prince Cosimo, Count Scarazoni and Master Mangus. King Claudio, Magistrato DeLaBina and Mistress Sophia are also important characters. I really liked the book and it showed what people would do for their own gain. It was very shocking and carefully written, so I really loved the book.

Here are my summaries for chapters 1-4, chapters 5-8 and chapters 9-12:

Chapters 1-4
After reading the first 4 chapters of the book, I think this book will be a very good book. I really like the way the writer writes realistically, instead of having real magic. I also like how the text font changes when someone is thinking and at the beggining of the paragraph.
In the first 4 chapters, a boy name Fabrizio is introduced. He is an orphan and is working as a servant in a magician’s household. The magician doesn’t like him, though his wife does. When his wife, mistress Sophia leaves to care for her sick sister, Fabrizio takes her place collecting coins at Master Magnus, the magician’s show. Where Magnus reveals that magic is fake. The next day, a prosecutor named DeLaBina comes and accuses Magnus of duplicating a message to overthrow the king. And Fabrizio says that Magnus does do magic, even when Magnus denies. And Magnus is tasked to find the man behind the note or will die.

Chapters 5-8
In these four chapters, Fabrizio is sent out to collect the papers, but DeLaBina has him taken to the court house and frames him of giving the papers to people. In the court house, the king, Count Scarazoni and Prince Cosimo don’t give him the chance to speak and Prince Cosimo orders the guards to execute Fabrizio.

Chapters 9-12
In these four chapters, Fabrizio escapes from the executioner Agrippa by pretending to read a message from the king and telling Agrippa to spare him. On his way out of the Hall of Justice, Fabrizio enters a cell in hopes to find a prisoner who can help him get out, but instead gets him trapped in the cell. In the meantime, DeLaBina enters the cell and it is revealed that DeLaBina wants Mangus to say that it is Count Scarazoni who ordered Mangus to create the papers.

Here is a picture of the book:


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