My Math Reflection For Unit 2

My Unit 2 Math Reflection
I am good at doing most of the thing taught during this unit. But on my assessment, due to my lack of double-checking, I made some very very silly mistakes. For example, I added when I was supposed to subtract. From now on, I will start double-checking all my tests. And to practice, I will double-check all my homework, math pages and math boxes. I hope I do not make silly mistakes on the next test.
I think that I am best at using the traditional method with addition because to me, it is easier and simpler. I like the lattice method for multiplication because I think it is quite fun and I like counting up for subtraction because I can go negative. I also like making estimates, especially magnitude estimates because they are very very easy for me.
During this unit, I learned the counting up method for subtraction and a few other things. The counting up method uses negative numbers and is quite complex, so I like it very much. I also learned about open sentences, I knew about them and how to write them, but I always called them XY sentences, and now I know the real name for those sentences.
I really enjoyed this unit and I am quite embarrassed about the silly mistakes I made.

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