Wacky Wednesday

This year, SIS had a major event for book week, WACKY WEDNESDAY! On Wacky Wednesday, everyone did something totally wacky. All I did was wear mismatched shoes but there were some very wacky things that happened! My friend Leo dressed as a girl, my friend Alex wore socks on his hands, and the most wackiest thing of all, MRS. HUIET PRETENDED TO BE A VISITOR FROM PLUTO! All day, we had to pretend she was a visitor and she said really weird things. She also called me Shoeman (Because I told her to), and it was very very fun, but at the end it got a bit annoying because she kept saying words wrong.
We also read the book Wacky Wednesday by Theo LeSeig (Theodore Geisel aka Dr. Seuss). And we looked for all the wacky things! It was a blast! And in the afternoon, we read the Sneetches, also by Dr. Seuss and watched the movie. I really enjoyed this definitely out-of-the-ordinary day!
I really hope that every Wednesday is this fun! (But I don’t want Mrs. Huiet to be Ms. Pluto for one more second! I had enough of that for a lifetime!)

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