The Civilizations Keynote Presentation

On November 18th, I presented a keynote to a group of “nomads”, aka forth graders about how to start their own civilization. I had a slide about each of the ten cultural universals (Basic needs, economy, government etc.) and an additional slide about expansion and decline. I wrote notes for my slides, researched and found examples of civilizations from history and found really good picture.I thought I did a good job and am proud of myself. Here is my reflection on the steps I did to finish this presentation. They are research, planning, creation and presenting. Here are some things I did well and some things I need to improve on.
During research, I spent a long time trying to find a good source. Although at the end I found one, I could have asked for advice for some sources so I could have more time for actual research. I also think that during research, I should have looked at the author and the site before I used the information.
Some things that I did well were paraphrasing and writing a bibliography. I had the correct format for all my information. I am also proud of how hard I worked because I did research for an hour each night. I also think that I was good at using information. Because I all my information was quite interesting.
During planning, I drew a very in-depth plan that I followed while creating my keynote. My plan had all my slides in order and all the words and pictures and where they were going to be. Planning was one of the most important parts because if I didn’t have a good plan, the next steps would be very hard. I am also proud of my notes for my script. I put a lot of effort into them.
What I did that needed improvement was that my script for the first few slides were too hard. So I had to shorten them to make them a lot better. I think that I wrote a long script because I wanted to share too much information and it might have been overwhelming for the audience.
Keynote Creation
During the creation of my keynote, I spent a long time finding pictures and writing long bibliographies. But I also spent a long time choosing the right design. And I think that I picked the absolutely amazing industrial theme, and I used contrast and alignment for my words and pictures to make sure they looked fine. I also used cool animations that made my keynote better. I am proud of my keynote and I can see the effort I put into it. Something I need to work on was not spending too much time with fancy animations and cool fonts. I should have done more important things like finding pictures. But I still got everything done.
During my presentation, I think was loud and clear. I also presented with a nice pace. I enjoyed presenting and was proud of myself. I got a lot of positive feedback and I learned a lot about presenting.
But I did get a piece of negative feedback. It said I was very quiet and that I didn’t do good. So I hope that I can satisfy the person (whoever he/she was) the next time I present.

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