Goal Analysis

Because 2013 is coming to an end, I decided to analyze my long-term goal. I set it long ago in a conference with my mom and Mrs. Huiet. We decided on one academic and one social goal. I looked at all of my daily goals, saw if they were connected to my long term goal, analyzed my long term goal and wrote a through reflection on it. Here it is!
During this trimester, I set one social and one academic goal. My goals were to make at one good friend, and write a peice of writing I truly cared about. I set around 40 goals this trimester but only around 15 of them were related to my long-term goal. The reason for this was because I achieved the only goal I could set daily goals for very early on. That was the social goal. And for my academic goal, I could only do what the entire class was doing. But I still achieved both.
I achieved my social goal because I made instant friends with a few people in the class. And managed to make friends with a few I had a rough start with. I did this by compromising and being nice. I also tried to solve problems nicely and not be a loud person.
I achieved my academic goal by really writing from my heart. I wrote a very emotional I am from poem. I wrote things and people I was from. And while writing it, I thought about all the things I loved and it made me very happy.
This is my long-term goal analysis.

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