Math Unit 3 Reflection

We just finished unit 3 in math! This unit was all about geometry and was very fun. We learned about tessellations, angles, shapes and many other very interesting things. Read it to know about the wonderful geometry unit!
       During this unit, I did a lot of work with geometry. We measured angles, made tessellations and did a lot more stuff. I think I’m really good at measuring angles and recognizing angles because I almost never get trouble with them. I also think I am good at drawing tessellations. Because all the tessellations I drew were real tessellations. But until today, I thought tessellations could only be made from regular polygons. I was wrong. Because famous tessellations creators like Escher created them from circles and strange shapes.
         I really liked this unit and it was very fun. And I really hope that we have another unit of geometry. I learned new things like what is a scalene triangle, and I also learned that the angles of a triangle added up together was 180 degrees. We really did a lot of things that we didn’t do in previous geometry units.

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