I Am From Poem

Last week, I finished my I Am From poem. I drafted it from multiple sentences about different things and people on a big chart. I wrote around 20 sentences. Then, I chose the most important ones and put them into a draft. I had my Mom, Dad, Grandma, 2 Best Friends, my bed and a few other things on that draft. I liked it but I realized when reading it, I could not picture what the people and things in it looked like. So, I added in descriptors and I added three more people. My piece then got rated, we used stars and wishes. A star being a compliment and a wish being something I could improve on. I mostly got stars but got a wish for using the same descriptor twice for the same person.
After that, I fixed my mistakes and tried to fit it all in one page for publishing because it would get an “effect” (I don’t know what, Mrs. Huiet said it would). But it ended up being tiny! So I had to fit it in 2 pages. We used A3 paper so it would look much better. I pinned all my drafts and my stars and wishes sheet together. It was quite a pile of papers!
Overall, I was quite impressed with my peice.

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