Racial Discrimination

Today, we talked about racial discrimination during literacy time. The grade did some activities with the kids born in the early months of the year participating in a game, and getting “extra recess” (That didn’t happen though). And the kids born in the later months not being able to participate. We also watched videos about apartheid and civil rights, a poem about Nelson Mandela and heard the I Have A Dream speech.
After watching those videos, I felt really emotional and disgusted. I was disgusted by the people who thought they were better than anybody else, when they weren’t! In fact, they were and are worse because they acted in that way. They worked hard for no gain, they went to jail for no reason, they had to sit in the back of buses. All because they were born in a different race! They didn’t choose to be born in that race. They have no reason to deserve less.
You can’t judge someone by their race! Think of how you would feel, if you were to be put in the back of a bus, put to jail for no reason! Now think about the people who had to endure that torture. Think.
Although less people show prejudice nowadays, it is still here. Like an everlasting web, winding it’s way into people. Even in the small grade 5 community. I see people being treated differently because of their race. I see people in my class looking at guards, teachers assistants, even random people on the streets and laughing. Pretending to spit on the ground. That behavior truly disgusts me!
Sometimes, I wonder why people don’t join hands in unity, but go against each other. We must learn to become brothers! To join together to create a society in which everyone can thrive. In which no one is judged. In which all live in peace. That must happen, and if it doesn’t, it will lead to a downfall.
Thank you for reading this post. I hope you stand up for people when they are being discriminated. #STOPRACISM


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  1. 21pt01

    Wow Felix, I’m really impressive!

    Very powerful and made me want to stop racism even more. I really liked your word choice to make your speech really powerful, and your exclamation marks make you sound even more powerful.

    Thank you Felix for your help to stop racism and discrimination.

    And to the other people who look at this comment, please stop discrimination and racism as much as you could.


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