Digestive and Urinary Systems

Today, we showed our Digestive and Urinary Systems assessments. We learned everything by reading and watching Bill Nye videos. Mrs. Huiet showed us everything rather than just reading, which made us understand the information, rather than just memorizing it. I got generally positive feedback from my peers. They said I spoke clearly and quickly, had nice visuals, had good humor and had accurate information. I did get one wish though, it was that I spoke too quickly and unclearly, I also had a piece of inaccurate information, where I said the urine goes through the urethra into the bladder, but it actually goes through the ureter. I will be more careful with my information and pace if I have to do another assessment. I thought mine was pretty funny and interesting but I laughed at a certain point due to a funny minor edit someone put in my script.
I worked hard on it and spent a lot of time reasearching, but I should really have double checked my work. I missed some minor details that could make mine more interesting, so I will ask Boey for help, and definitely double check my work.
Here is my assessment!

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