New Year Resolutions

Have you ever stuck with a New Year’s Resolution? Neither have I, so I don’t set them anymore. But today in class, we made New Year’s resolutions. We folded a piece of paper in half and cut designated areas out and wrote 2 on one flap and behind that wrote 2 best things that happened in 2014, for that, I wrote going to the arctic, and meeting a famous youtuber called AntVenom on a minecraft server. On the next flap we wrote 0 and behind that wrote something we had to stop. For that I wrote that I had to stop following people and annoying them. Then, for the next flap, we wrote 1 and behind that we wrote our first wish for 2014. And I wrote that I wanted 10,000 people to visit my blog. And for the final flap, we wrote 4 and behind that our four goals for the year. Mine were to get 100,000 YouTube subscribers, read 500 Wikipedia articles, collect enough money to get a 3D printer, and to lose 20 pounds (suggested by my friend). Finally, I colored in the numbers on the flaps. Here is a picture of my final product.


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