My Unit 4 Math Reflection

This unit, I improved on double checking all my work and double checked every problem on my test, the test became really messy though, because I used pen above my pretest. I will double check everything on another sheet from now on, so it is not as messy.
      For this unit, I need to work on dividing decimals by full numbers, and I will work on that by writing intermediate decimal division problems on a sheet and solving them, and also download some helpful apps to work on dividing decimals. I will start by working with decimals on the tenths and hundredths places, and will work until I can divide decimals with the tenths, hundredths and thousandths places.
     I was good with three and four digit division and I loved using the partial quotients method because with the traditional method you had to estimate, but with partial quotients you don’t really have to think and the chances of accuracy are higher.

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