My High Quality Post

I think that I have quite a lot of high quality post, but my favorite (by far) is my post about Racial Discrimination. I like it because it clearly describes my opinions, how I feel about Racial Discrimination and is very in-depth. I think that my post also shows that I truly care about Racial Discrimination and that overall, it is quite powerful.
My post was about racial discrimination, and people who act in ways that reflect on their prejudicial ideas. It focused on the world in general, and some small examples around my small community in Shekou. It also showed my ideas about racial discrimination and how people should stop discriminating people because of their race, looks, height etc.
In my future blog posts, I will work on always adding an engaging picture, and make sure that my posts are engaging, and are relevant to my main idea, and that it always has a purpose. I hope that my blog posts will improve and that I can achieve these goals I have set for myself.

Well, for those who haven’t read that post, click this!

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