My Unit 5 Reflection

We recently took the math assessment for unit 5, when we got it back, I looked at it thoroughly and then I wrote this reflection on the math unit. I hope you enjoy this reflection.
I was good at many things in this unit, including making pie charts, measuring degrees, comparing fractions, converting to simplest form and other things. I made some simple errors, like writing 2 1/4 is 9/8 instead of 9/4. And I wrote 3/6 (simplest form 2/3) is equal to 3/4! What stupid mistakes!
I also made the Open Resource harder than it had to be, I measured, which wouldn’t really help my calculations, and I failed to realize it was split into fourths, and H, I and F were eighths. And E, G, B and D were 16ths, and A and C are worth 3/16s! That was really stupid of me! But after it was pointed out, I noticed it immediately!
For my oral test, I wrote 3/4 is 25%! It is obviously 75%! I laughed so hard when I saw that. I must’ve thought it was 1/4! Isn’t that just the funniest mistake that you’ve ever seen!
Since I made mistakes even though I double-checked, I think I should triple-check in the future, and when I see things that are confusing, I should take a breath, and do some other problems, and then come back to it. That usually gives me an answer.

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