Gregor The Overlander

This week, the class finished the first book of the Underland Chronicles. Although I finished the series a few months ago, I still enjoyed listening to it being read. I loved the fiction and the imagination that were used inthe making of the Underland. Especially the descriptions of various areas. I also liked the word choice of Suzanne Collins, and how every time something happens makes you extremely nervous. I swear that I sweat so hardly the first time I was reading this, that my shirt was soaked when I was done. Here is a synopsis I wrote for the book.
Gregor, was an ordinary boy, from an ordinary city. But what happens when he falls through a grate in his laundry room, and enters the treacherous Underland, filled with giant animals, and strange humans. Will he be able to save his father who he lost 2 years ago, or will he be the meal of a rat? Find out now by reading… Gregor The Overlander!
My favorite character was always Ripred because I like how he is fierce, but also extremely warm hearted, he is cunning, but wise. And I can’t help but admire this rat, even though I absolutely hate his action sometimes, because he tends to act negative. But when you see how he acts around Lizzie, you can’t even not cry! It’s so full of warmth!
Anyways, I highly recommend you to read it, because the series is so good! And it’s by one of my favorite authors, Suzanne Collins! Who wrote the hunger games. So you should read this book! Seriously, get it.

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