Unit 6 Math Reflection

Here is my reflection for unit 6 of math.       
In this unit’s assessment, I only made 1 silly error! I was surprised I only had 1! Double checking my work, worked! My silly mistake was subtracting instead of adding when I had to add some fractions. 
       This unit’s open response was quite simple. I had to make up a family with 6 people in which the average age was 24 years old, and we had to have ourselves in this family. I used a father, a mother, two siblings, me and an aunt. I got a 4 on the open response and I think I did quite a good job explaining things.
       On the oral test, I got everything right, it was quite simple, and it was a short oral test, it only had around 15 questions, unlike the usual oral test, which has at least 20.   
          Sorry for this post being short, but I don’t really have that much to write about this unit.

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