Edublogs Student Challenge (For Bloggers)

Hi Bloggers!
Welcome to my Felix’s Journey Into Learning! I hope you enjoy reading my challenge posts. For the first challenge, I edited my about me page to contain less information about me. I wrote a comment for it on the website, and when Ms. W (tasteach) read mine, she said it was a good read and she’d add it as an example for the next challenge.
Bloggers, please comment on my posts and pages, if you dislike something, feel free to tell me! I hope you enjoy my blog and thank you for reading my blog, I’m really enjoying the challenges and I hope you keep reading my blog.

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  1. Jake G.

    I must say that your blog is very impressive. I belive that it could one day be very great, earning lots of awards and such, as mine used to. I won an Edublogs Awards, you know. Third place for best student blog. You could be a very sucessful blogger.
    I sugget you downlaod a Clustrmap on your blog, to see how many people visited it.

    If you want any blogging tips just ask me! 😉


    • 21yw01

      Hi Jake,
      I have something similar to Clustrmaps, and it works quite well, so I probably won’t be doing that. And thank you for your kind feedback! After all, it’s quite new, I only started it 5 months ago. Anyways, thank you so much!

      • Jake G.

        Felix, all of the kids in my class were given this blog September 7, 2011. I remember because I put on my Clustrmap on September 8, the next day. All of their blogs (including mine, regrettably), are now used only for school. All of their blogs have about 700 views, most of them being either teachers or themselves. Their are one or two who were almost as active as me. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that you really care and are putting in a lot of effort into your blog, like I used to. And you are doing a really good job at it!
        If you want to talk more, please e-mail me, don’t comment back.

  2. Jake G.

    That was the great blogger two years ago for students. He won my best student blog and the next year won most influential blog post and best student blog (2012). He doesn’t really blog anymore but you can look at his for tips and model off of his. He has had 18,000 visitors, while I have only have 3,000.

  3. helena

    hi your post was done really well and I saw your comment you gave me. I fixed my punctuation as you said I should

    from Helena 🙂

  4. Anastasia

    Hi Felix,
    Your blog is awesome! 🙂
    Thankyou for coming to my blog.
    Maybe we can continue talking through blogging?
    Sincerely, Anastasia

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