Fury The Bat

Today, I decided to join a few of my friends in a short novel for the edublogs student blogging challenge. The challenge was to create a story about a small animal. We each wrote 1 or 2 chapters, and I will release all the chapters as PDFs. My friends Than, Boey and Matteo were the ones in the project.

It’s very cool because although we are telling 1 story, you can see each of our different writing styles in each chapter. And the story is actually very enjoyable. Here is a short BLURB for the story:

“Fury wakes up alone, and discovers his friends dead. But his parents are no where to be seen! What will Fury do? He’s never left his cave! Who will he meet? A butterfly? A cockroach? Read Fury The Bat to find out!”

Fury The Bat Chapter 1

Fury The Bat Chapter 2

Fury the Bat Chapter 3

Fury The Bat Chapter 4

Fury The Bat Chapter 5

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