Advantages And Disadvantages To Being Online

Hi! Today I am going to write a post about the advantages and disadvantages of being online. I’m going to start by writing about 5 advantages.

1. The first advantage is that we can communicate with our friends and family really fast, so that they know where you are, and if you are safe. An example for that would be if I were to board a plane to Budapest, I would be able to call my parents once I got there, unlike before we were able to communicate so easily.

2. Another advantage is that we can make our community larger, and meet new people from all over the world. An example would be that if I were from Canada, I could easily connect with another student from Zimbabwe, and we could be friends.

3. The third advantage would be receiving news incredibly fast. In the past, if a relative died and someone was away, it would take days or even weeks for the news to be delivered, but now it could happen in a flash. My fourth advantage is that now, we can expand our knowledge using different sources, and be able to check them for accuracy really quickly.

4. A long time ago, if a friend told you 1+1 was 5, and you didn’t know it was 2, you couldn’t make sure he or she was right, but now you can with a simple click to a mouse or by pressing a button on any device!

5. And finally, I think that being online gives us better chances in life. We can easily ask anyone for advice or help for basically anything! Which is good because you can get things done more quickly and efficiently.

I know there are many more advantages, but now we have to move on to the disadvantages. I also have 5 very important ones.

1. The internet is full of liars and bad people, just like in real life! For example, someone online could tell me they were selling dolls and make me want to buy one for my friend. But when I pay for it, I might never ever get the doll, and it could be even worse than being tricked a few dollars.

2. You could get a virus or spam. People tend to send viruses just by accident, but some people don’t. So you have to make sure you have digital security to keep your device safe from viruses. I once received an email from a friend containing a virus, and my device basically broke down, so digital security is really important.

3. Your identity could be found, and your real safety could be threatened. Sometimes, people’s lives get turn around when they put too much information on social sites or blogs. For example, someone could have posted that they lived on Minecraft Road, Wonderland and also posted where there money was. So someone could easily steal your money because you put your address.

4. You could get arrested for doing unlawful things you didn’t know were illegal. It happens all the time! People watch movies they didn’t pay for that were not copyrighted, but all they wanted was a nice movie. But they could end up in very serious trouble. So you should really watch out to see if sights you are using are legitimate.

5. Your identity could be stolen. I know identity theft is quite unlikely, but people do such things! Someone could use your identity to do things online that are illegal or even just to try to embarrass you. Anyone could do it, literally anyone. Right now, I could open a twitter account named James Mcflurry, while I could also make a twitter account named anything I ever wanted. So people could steal your identity.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and keep safe online!

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