Digital Footprint: A Reflection

Hi! I think this week has been amazing! But it is the end of our Digital Footprint week. This post will be a reflection of what I have learned, and also what I have learned from a few websites (Activity 7). Originally, I though one could only track emails, twitter of Facebook posts, social site posts, messages and blog posts/comments (even deleted ones). But I didn’t know someone could find all of your google searches and all of the sites you have visited. So that is actually really scary.

What I feel about digital footprints is that they actually like hammers, and the people who track you are carvers, chipping away at your privacy. And I feel that whoever is searching people up online or tracking people down should stop! Unless you are a government spy of course. But still, I dislike the idea of people tracking you down.

Anyways, this has been an enjoyable week, and for the next 7 weeks it will continue to be full of posts.

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