Location Settings

Did you ever know that people can find out where you are just by your location settings? Also, did you know that your twitter, Instagram or other social site pages can be found also by location settings? Well, that’s all true! Your location settings allows your device to track where it is, and other people can see where you are. That’s basically how “People Near Me” on many social sites operate.

In a youtube video I watched, a man named Jack Vale, found personal information of many people and used it to freak them out. He did this by using the “People Near Me” feature on social sites. If you value your privacy and don’t want your private information out there, I recommend that you go to your settings application (on iPad) and turn your location settings off.

Sometimes your location settings can be on though, for applications like Google Maps, where only Google can track you. And that isn’t really a problem (to me). So maybe you could consider rejecting location settings on some applications, and use it on some other ones. But that is really your choice to make.

Anyways, here is the video I watched:

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