Tracking Teachers

Hello! I have just tried to discover more about a teacher that I have known for a few years. I couldn’t discover anything related to her because of restrictions with Facebook, Twitter and other websites. But I managed to discover a youtube channel. I also couldn’t find her professional blog. But then she found it for me with more detailed searches.

I think that her profile reveals too much information, like her last name and the city she lives in, if you look at some of her posts and pages, you can find the exact schools she works for and other things. But I think that is suitable for adults because they don’t need their personal information to be so hidden.

The school she works in did a good job of concealing other things such as her class blog and other sites related to her class. If you wanted to read about her class, the school has to give you some permissions, so I think that was quite good for privacy protection.

Anyways, I think overall she did a good job of concealing her identity.

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