Zoom Out

Hi! This week’s posts will be less about words, and more about pictures! In this post, I would like you to write comments below that zoom out of the picture and tell a story, only write around 1 paragraph so other people can continue the story. Remember to read previous comments so you can continue the story! After I get around 10 comments, I will end the story.

There are some rules for this though, and I hope that you will read them carefully and follow them.
1. Please respect other people’s cultures when you continue the story
2. Please use kind and appropriate words
3. Make sure your part of the story makes sense (It can have fantasy but keep to the story)

So, have fun zooming out of this picture! (Hint: Pandas)

Photo Credt: http://zoorescue.blogspot.hk/2012/10/animals-wallpapers.html (Found Using Creative Commons)

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