Add Your Own Ending!

From this picture, I’ve created the beginning of a story called Trouble At The Expo. The picture is of a station of the Singapore MRT station near the expo. You have to write the ending and I will choose the best answer later.

Photo Credit: Calvin Teo (Wikimedia Commons)

Trouble At The Expo
As Justin walked off the MRT, he saw his class. His teacher Ms. Song had arranged this trip, but she wasn’t there because she was sick, very sick. His parents said goodbye as he walked to the substitute, who told him to call her Mrs. Davis. And soon, they walked to the expo. The expo was showcasing the newest car ever invented… But as they entered, alarms started to sound. The greatest car ever had been stolen! The police immediately came to the scene and searched everyone there. But it was no use. How could someone hide such a massive thing? It was impossible! And Justin was determined to find out who did such an impressive feat…

So! Write your own ending in the comments, and whoever writes the best one will get some recognition from a blog post I write. Anyways, enjoy writing your own ending!

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