What I Learned About Sharing Creative Works

After watching a youtube video called Sharing Creative Works: An Illustrated And Narrated Primer, I learned a few things. Mainly, I learned that anyone could get a Creative Commons license, and that there were 6 kinds of licenses. I found the video very informative but also quite entertaining.

Before, I thought Creative Commons licenses had to be earned, and to earn it your work had to be exceptional and then you would be awarded one. But now I know all your work can get a Creative Commons license. I also didn’t know that there were 6 kinds! I thought that there as only one kind.

Something else I learned was that your work is immediately protected by the fair use law. So I don’t have to worry about people copying and pasting my writing anymore! (Haha) But I don’t know why various online news magazines have the same article about new TV shows. So does that break the fair use law?

Anyways, I hope you’ve learned something from this post! Here is the video:

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  1. Lisabeth

    This is such a great summary of Creative Commons copyright that I recommended it on Facebook) Thanks a lot.

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