What Are Memories?

We talk about memories all the time, but what are memories? Memories are times or events that you remember, often because of strong emotions related to them. Memories affect your decisions, your ways of thinking and your personality in general. Memories do so because you gain memories every day of your life, and your memories can be good or bad. If they are good, you tend to do what you did when something similar happens, but if it was bad, you won’t.

For example, someone could have stolen a loaf of bread and gotten away with it, if they do it again and still get away with it. They probably will keep stealing. But if he did get caught, he wouldn’t steal again. So sometimes bad memories help you grow as a person, and good memories make you a worse person. Another example would be if someone trips and someone else goes to help, but the first person says the second person tripped them, the second person wouldn’t help people anymore. So a bad memory can also make you a worse person.

Anyways, I hope you’ve learned something from this post about memories!

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