I absolutely love reading! It’s one of my biggest passions because it brings me an unbelievable amount of joy. I have read a lot of series, but I got into reading more mature books when I was in 3rd grade, so right now I read books at the 8th grade level. I’ve started to read Da Vinci’s Code and I think it’s quite enjoyable. I read easy books till I was in second grade, but I read the entire ‘Harry Potter’ series in a week at the beginning of the year. That’s how I started reading harder books.

Right now, I like to read short chapter books, with around 13-14 chapters, and I read them in a night. But I don’t do that very often, I only do it once every week. I enjoy reading longer books too, especially fantasy and realistic fiction, especially ones about war and peace. I also like to read scientific fiction, and apocalyptic novels. Anyways, I really love to read.

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  1. Olympia W

    I love reading as well! Although homework keeps me up late most nights I occasionally have “book binges” where all I do is read. I finished the 400-page “Half Bad” by Sally Green in one day, and I highly suggest you look at it.

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